Hello, I just wanted to ask one thing since I am new to your website. How can I buy or purchase items from your store?

Hi, thank you so much for sending us your question about our website. If you want to purchase from us, just go to the store section and discover items that you might need in your travel. For an easier way, you may just go to different tabs such as “luggage and bags” or “maps”. But you can also just search on the store so the website can lead you immediately to what you are looking for.

Do you ship and deliver internationally?

Thank you for asking us. Yes, for the past few years, we weren’t able to do that but just in the last three years, we made it possible. Now everyone from all around the world can really buy from us and we will have it shipped and delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Hi, I just managed to order from your site but wanted to ask something. Can I return the items I just ordered?

Hello, thank you so much for your question. We are very sorry to answer but no, we don’t accept any items being returned to us. However, if you are going to cancel your order, that is still possible unless your item was already shipped. We also let customers return the items if it was delivered with any damage.

Can I buy a lot of items at once? If yes, how?

Hi, thank you for sending us your question. Yes, it is possible to buy many items at once. You can just pick anything you want and add it to your cart. After doing that, just check out and you will be able to pay for them all in no time.