About Us 

The Wide World Travel Store know that it is essential for us people to find the best place where to get the items needed for vacation and travels. And so a few years ago, the owner of this store has come up with ideas how to make it easier for travelers and people to get their items easily rather than going to different places and find a store they could visit. Instead of doing that, the owner thought that won’t it be much easier to find an online store instead? And yes, the answer to that was very simple and obvious. Of course, people would find it easier and useful to know there are a lot of online stores they could visit on the internet whenever they need to purchase something.

At first, the store was originally an online travel bookstore which was loved by many as well. We all know how much books and literature are loved by people so we knew it’ll be a good idea to provide the people what they need and what they want. Until years and years passed, we added more features to the website and provided more items people could purchase and use for their travels.

The Wide World Travel Store is more than happy to give our services to you all and be a website that is very useful to many people. We are glad that our purpose was given more recognition than we thought. We would also make it possible to improve more and more in the future for everyone’s satisfaction. To make that happen, we will continue doing our main purpose first and let the people give comments about us. The Wide World Travel Store will be sure to be here and guide you to your travel needs!