Best Travel Toys And Games For Kids

Best Travel Toys And Games For Kids

Babies become curious as they grow, and they may start grabbing anything they get. Toys can distract children and relieve boredom, especially when travelling. So according to there are portable toys that you can buy as a gifts for 8 year old boys that can entertain your kid when travelling.

1. Tiny Love Spin Ball

This is an excellent sensory toy that makes a clicking sound and has a mirrored side. The toy has colours and bobbles that improve the sense of touch of your kid. The toy is ideal for kids as young as six months and can enjoy it even after they reach two years 2 year old boys toys and gifts.

2. Stacking cups

Kids love putting put different things inside the cups. They can stack the cups together to form a caterpillar. Children can play with the toy while in a pool or bath.

Little boy

The toy has brightly-coloured cups that can help children learn different colours. Stacking the cups can help them develop their motor skills. They can pour water from the cup with various perforations.

3. Buckle Toy Whale

Many people who have bought the toy have praised how it keeps the children engaged. The toy is one of the best travel toys that you can get in the market today.

Buckle Toy comes with several buckles that the child can play with. They can zip the mouth or do up the buckles. You should be ready to unbuckle the toy if the child hasn’t mastered the skill. This toy can keep your kid engaged for more than forty minutes. He/she can play with the toy whether you are travelling by car or plane. Note that the toy is too quiet and can’t distract other passengers.

4. Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy

The toy from Melissa and Doug is ideal for aged six months and above. The wooden worm can twist and bend in different ways and is easy to grasp. The toy has non-toxic paint and will not harm your child even if he/she chews it. The toy is quiet and in one piece.

5. Skoolzy Toys

It serves children from different ages, as it can assist users with everything, including counting, color recognition among other things. The thick pegs that this toy has are easy to manipulate and grab, they assist with gross and fine motor skills hence enhancing their activities.


This toy comes as a blessing because it eradicates more frustrations that normally accompanies travelling experience when you travel with kids. It plays an important role in keeping toddlers busy. Young children learn how to put pegs into the holes of the set. This toy allows them to also make patterns on skoolzy board hence assisting them to learn numerical values when pegs stack together on the board set.

6. Alex Toys

With this toy button art, there is less independence in terms of sorting and stacking. It pays attention to the matching of colors with 10 different boards. This game favors individuals who are below the capacity to finish puzzles and past shape-sorting point.

For participants, all they have to do is to focus on matching the button color with board color behind it.

This toy for travelling offers fine motor skills, effective eye coordination, wide storage tray, creativity and convenient gaming. It comes with forty buttons that makes it easy to clean and also allows one to put the set aside during inactivity.

7. Leapfrog Scout Remote

Young children love to mimic adults; they also love to push buttons of toys during travelling. Leapfrog Scout Remote provides a fun toy that children adore to game with. They help children to learn on numbers, colors, first words and different shapes.

This remote creates catchy shapes and songs for children while travelling and this attracts their imaginations. Consequently, children can attempt different combinations so that they can create more fun from this remote.

8. Buster Buckle Toys

This travel toy for infants comes with fine motor skills especially for those who like fiddling. The clasp types within this toy assist parents to help their children in improving their concentration.

Features of Buster provide problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. It has a lightweight and easy to transport. Buckle toy help users to create a new pattern.

As a guardian, try to find something that will always improve the concentration of your kid(s) when travelling. The above travelling toys and games will help you evade travelling frustrations when travelling with kids.