Most hotel rooms, at home and overseas, don’t provide enough accessible electrical outlets for the modern traveler. Voltage Valet’s Travel Power Strip solves the problem, allowing you to connect up to three AC-powered devices and charge a USB-powered device at the same time (One grounded AC outlet and one USB outlet located on front and two grounded AC outlets located on back).

With its lightweight compact design and space-saving cord management system, the Travel Power Strip is easy to pack in your luggage or briefcase.

*The Travel Power Strip uses a grounded North American plug. A Grounded Adaptor Plug may be needed to connect to 220-240VAC foreign electrical outlets. See list below.

**IMPORTANT: The Travel Power Strip DOES NOT convert voltage. Your AC devices MUST be rated 100-240, 110/220 or 120/240VAC to use them on foreign 220-240VAC electrical systems.

Price: $30.00