The VCCB combines a 50 watt transformer and a 1600 watt solid state converter into one unit. For use with North American personal appliances while traveling in countries with 220-240 volt electricity.

A convenient selector switch allows use of electronic and motorized appliances that require 50 watts or less, or high wattage NON-ELECTRONIC heating appliances that require 1600 watts or less. Includes the round pin European appliance plug.

Use with electronic and motorized devices such as:
Battery Chargers
CD/MP3 Players
Cell Phones
Contact Lens Disinfectors
Digital Cameras
Electric Shavers
Oral Hygiene Devices
Sound Machines

Use ONLY with NON-ELECTRONIC heating appliances such as:
Beverage Heaters
Clothes Steamers
Coffee Makers
Electric Blankets
Food/Bottle Warmers
Hair Dryers
Hair Roller Sets
Heating Pads
Hot Plates
Incandescent Lamps

Price: $34.95