Product Overview:

  • How To Travel: If one book can make your first trip a success, this is it. Read Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door 2014 before you’ve even decided when, where, or how you’ll travel in Europe!
  • Sage Advice: Packed with lessons gleaned from 30 years of budget travel, Rick answers the questions you have now — and those you wouldn’t have asked until faced with them on your trip.
  • Timely topics: Travel and technology are changing fast — don’t rely on old guidebooks! You’ll get Rick’s latest tips for finding cheap airfares online, using your smartphone in Europe, top mobile travel apps, digital maps and navigation, using social media, and calling over the internet.
  • All the essentials: You’ll also find Rick’s trusted, step-by-step advice on packing, itinerary planning, budgeting your time and money, ATMs, credit cards, phones, internet, languages, eating, sleeping, sightseeing, safety, staying healthy, traveling with kids, and getting around Europe by car, train and air. In a special section, Rick writes about the 40 European destinations that are his personal favorites.
  • It Works: John Flinn of the San Francisco Chronicle writes, “Of all the dunderheaded things I did on my first trip to Europe, the dumbest thing was failing to read Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door before I went. Simply put, it’s the most valuable tool I’ve ever found for traveling independently in Europe.”

Price: $24.99