This compact assortment of 8 bottles is great for packing and organizing shampoo, lotions, vitamins and other travel essentials. Nalgene bottles are guaranteed leakproof and break-resistant; jars are not recommended for liquid storage. Color-coded caps allow for easy identification. 2 dispenser caps included. Comes in a heavy-duty, plastic zip-lock bag. Rectangular bottle with blue cap is 4 fl. oz.; 2 squeezable round bottles are 4 fl. oz. each. Square bottle with blue cap is 2 fl. oz.; square bottle with white cap is 2 fl. oz.; round jar is 2 fl. oz.; small jar is 1 fl. oz.; round bottle with red cap is 1 fl. oz. Please note: Some bottles in the Medium kit don’t meet the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) 3 fl. oz. size restriction for carry-on liquids and gels.

Price: $10.95