Follow the travelling sun god Dazbóg as he rides across the sky on a diamond studded beer keg. Follow his lead; he starts the day as a newborn, touring architecturally rich miasta, rolling woodlands & mountain peaks eager to experience the possibilities of a new culture & language. He ends the day older and wiser, with the insights that come with learning a new language. You may need the kick of the famed ‘bison vodka’ zubrówka to help you along the way. With this book you’ll know how to ask for one!

  • Clear pronunciation guide to make sure you’ll be understood
  • A range of useful conversation topics
  • Comprehensive phrases to help explore local food & drink including vodkas, wines and beers
  • Essentials to get you out on the town, including arts, music & festivals
  • Accommodation tips to find you a pokój or pensonjat

Price: $8.99